Saturday, January 10, 2009

Watch Daily Videos on Fasting with Jentezen Franklin

Click on the link below and watch a daily video of encouragement from Pastor Jentezen Franklin. Listen and be encouraged...apply and be changed:


J Nathaniel Hunt said...

Just so Everyone is must comment as: anonymous if you don't have an account. Shalom

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I hope you are as excited about this fast as I am. Since last year's fast, I have found a number of very good websites for recipes for eating vegetarian or vegan, or ideas on menus you can eat. Those are listed below.

For anyone that wants to save some money on organic produce during the fast or during the year, they should visit You can enter your zip code and it'll direct you to farms, stores, coops or other sources of organic and locally grown produce, meat, dairy/eggs, etc. I use it to find the farmer's markets that are held each day of the week in different cities in our area. It saves me a lot of money on buying organic vegetables. And in case you are not aware of this, farmer's markets in town are certified organic. It is the law in Los Angeles county that any produce sold in farmer's markets must be certified organic. Inspectors check them regularly.

Also, you notice the word raw listed in some of the websites below. Raw is another term to refer to eating vegan. It means eating only raw food; nothing heavily cooking or processed. (info on what you can eat at fast food restaurants and still be vegetarian (raw food restaurant in Los Angeles area) (vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Costa Mesa, Aliso Viejo or Westwood Village in Los Angeles)

Let us know if you like any of the recipes you've found on any of these websites.

Love to you all,
Sara Graves

J Nathaniel Hunt said...

Awesome post Sara...Thanks for the sources.

Josh Bayne said...

I just finished his book oddly enough entitled "Fasting". Its great to know others are catching the wave!!!

Anonymous said...


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